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Have you been looking for resources to encourage your friends in their fight against substance abuse? Or are you a parent looking to educate and encourage your teen? Check out our brand new resources section on our website! It’s full of apps and pages that might be of use to you in your quest to prevent alcohol and other drug misuse among youth today.

These are just a few of the resources available to you on our new website! Please follow over to our resources page for more information!

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Text Message To Avoid Alcohol

Let’s face it: texting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to talk today. Not only that but it is also an increasingly popular way for parents to communicate with their children.

In today’s high tech world talking to your child about the dangers of underage drinking has never been easier. Bellow you will find a few sample text messages that you can use or adopt to start the alcohol conversation and keep it going.

 1. Be careful tonight. If your friends offer you a drink, just say you promised me no.  

2. Have fun tonight! Keep your curfew in mind. Call me if you need anything. 

3. Remember, alcohol can lead you 2 say things and do things u wish u hadn’t. 

4.  Hey! Have fun tonight. Wanted 2 remind you not 2 drink at the party.  

5.   I trust you to make good decisions 2nite. Let me know if you need anything. We r here for    you.  

6. I want you to have fun 2nite, but be safe. Love, Mom/Dad  

7. I’m so glad you’re my son/daughter. You make me so proud.  

8. It took me forever to write this text, but just wanted to say hi. I love you.  

9. Just because your friends drink, doesn’t mean you have to. I’m here if you need anything.

10. Just wanted to say that I am thinking about you. xo

11. Let me know who is going to be at the party. Are the parents going 2 B home?

12. Remember 2 always make good decisions. It only takes 1 bad 1 2 ruin all the good ones.

13. Remember our discussion about drinking. We love you too much to see anything bad happen to you.

14. Remember your promise to us. Be safe tonight. Love you.

15. Remember, not drinking will keep you from making decisions you may regret.

16. Resisting peer pressure is tough, but you can do whatever you set your mind to.

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FREE WEBINAR: Policies to Improve Student Health and Safety during High Risk Times of the Year

The prom and graduation season are celebratory events that create memories for a lifetime! Unfortunately the days prior and following these events can include tragic news stories of serious injuries or deaths resulting from poor decision making by youth while under the influence of alcohol.

There are a number of successful strategies and policies that prevent youth access to alcohol and prevent underage drinking. This webinar will feature a discussion of some policy solutions being used to improve student health and safety during these high risk times of the year.

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