Don’t Serve or Sell Alcohol to Minors. PERIOD.

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News like this is just sad… If you are a business owner, carding customers should be an immediate action when someone comes up to the counter to purchase alcohol. Clerks and other sales associates should be trained to understand the importance of compliance when it comes to restricting alcohol purchases to legal adults. An adult should never serve or sell alcohol to minors. PERIOD. Rethink the drink and prevent underage alcohol abuse!

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10 Ways to Have a Safe, Fun Halloween Season!

IMG_3614 It’s that time of year. The days are getting shorter and the nights longer. Teens are beginning to get into the routine of the school year. Autumn is here. This is the time for carving pumpkins and joining friends in hayrides. Corn Maze visits and cider drinking. Mugs of hot coffee and crisp cool air. It’s also a time when many teens engage in unsafe behavior–primarily underage drinking. Farm parties, Halloween parties, and other social events are often populated with beverages that have no business being in any teen’s hands. So, what can you do to prepare for a safe, fun Halloween and fall season without compromising your decision to protect yourself and your body?

1. Avoid parties where you know folks will be drinking.

2. Tell your parents where you will be going and who you will be hanging out with.

3. Make sure you have your phone with you at all times when you are heading out to a social gathering.

4. Host your own fall and Halloween parties with fun, alcohol-free beverages, tasty treats, and great games!

5. Be a great older brother or sister and take your younger siblings Trick-or-Treating!

6. Round up some of your friends and have a pumpkin carving night! Go pick out your pumpkins at a local farm and get together with some fun music, sodas, and Halloween candy and make a night of it!

7. If you go to a party and things get rowdy or you see folks drinking, make the wise choice and LEAVE.

8. Visit a haunted house with some friends and decompress after all the frights with a frozen yogurt trip!

9. Have a costume party with your friends and have a contest for the best costume! Serve delicious alcohol-free beverages and snacks.

10. Make the choice to rethink the drink and keep your body unpolluted and protected. You are a wise, intelligent individual. You know that drinking is a poor decision for your health and your well-being. Be above it.

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From the Boards: Loving Yourself

One of the biggest factors in being courageous enough to Rethink the Drink in your social life is CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM! If you are confident in yourself and don’t feel the need to give into social pressures to take part in risky behavior, things will be a lot easier for you! Here are some inspirational pictures from our [LOVE YOURSELF] board on Pinterest! Follow us for more inspiration!

Take these messages to heart and be courageous in who YOU are! You don’t need to give into social pressure to do dangerous things (i.e. underage drinking and substance abuse). You are better, stronger, and more precious than that! Make wise choices!


It is NEVER Okay to Host Underage Drinking Parties

“I’d rather them do it under my roof where I can make sure they’re safe than out at some party without supervision.”

How many parents have uttered these very words or similar sentiments? Many parents mistakenly think that if they host underage drinking parties in their homes that everyone will somehow be safer and better off. How quickly parents forget that not only is alcohol dangerous for teen bodies and brains, but there are far too many variables to control at such a party. What if a teen wandered off and drove away while intoxicated? What if inappropriate sexual conduct happened in one of the home’s many unsupervised bedrooms? There are too many “What ifs” in situations like this and the health cost (not to mention illegality) are too much to ignore.

Take the case of this women to heart when considering hosting underage drinking parties in your home. Don’t be like that!!!


Instead of Underage Drinking Parties, Host Fun, Safe, Drug-Free Parties for Your Teens!

1. Have a “Make Your Own Drink” station with fun juices, sodas, and flavored sorbets so that your teens feel they are making fun, special drinks without the booze.

2. Host a game night in your home for kids to bring their consoles and have a blast battling it out on the latest co-op game! Provide fun snacks, sodas, and space!

3. Encourage your teen and their friends to spend time together talking, socializing, and having fun in healthy ways rather than resorting to drinking parties to plugin to their school and friend groups.

4. Keep all alcohol you might have in your home locked up and hidden so that curious teens will not find it and experiment. Keep the key or combination with you at all times.

5. Be up-front about your strict, “NO DRINKING” policy when hosting teens in your home.

Of you’re looking for more ideas for fun, drug-free parties, check out our Pinterest Boards!

Tuesday Theme Talk: Death Resulting from Alcohol Abuse

On Tuesdays, I’ll try to linkup great blogs, articles, and resources that can be of help to you in your quest for the prevention of underage and all-age alcohol abuse. Each week will have a theme. This week, the theme is Death Resulting from Alcohol Abuse. Tuesday Theme Talk will be referred to as TTT throughout the rest of the post. 🙂

TTT’s Website of the Week: MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)

MADD is a great resource for anyone looking to get involved with prevention actions against alcohol abuse and for those looking for sobering stories about the realities of the consequences of alcohol abuse.

TTT’s Article with the Most Impact: ‘Death by Alcohol’ Warns of College Binge Drinking Risks

This is the sad story of Sam Spady who, at 19, died from binge drinking while at a fraternity party.

TTT’s Show Me the Numbers: Teen Alcohol Related Death Statistics

How crazy is it that in the U.S., every45 minutes, someone dies in an alcohol-related accident? That has GOT to stop!

TTT’s Something to Think About Article: Most Teen Drinking Deaths Aren’t Traffic Related

In addition to traffic deaths, teen alcohol-related deaths also include homicide, suicide, alcohol poisoning, and other causes.

I hope you’ll really read and absorb these words and take these websites and articles to heart. Teenage alcohol-related death is completely avoidable. Help to make it history!!



MADD: A Great Resource for Prevention

MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, is an incredible resource for those interested in the prevention of alcohol abuse. Founded by a mother whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver, MADD works tirelessly to protect families from drunk drivers and underage drinking (source). If you’re looking for a non-profit organization to support or contribute to, this is definitely one to consider. Here are some direct links to great resources on MADD’s main site:

>> About MADD

>> Victims’ Stories

>> Get Involved

>> Donate