Be a Good Role Model for Your Peers

Throughout the month of April, Rethink the Drink has brought you a variety of articles about the dangers of alcohol, resources for recovery, and the encouragement that it is OKAY not to drink. Today, we wanted to discuss how important it is to be a good role model for your peers and for those younger than yourself. What makes a good role model when it comes to modeling appropriate behavior in relation to alcohol? Here are our thoughts!

For Those Under the Legal Drinking Age:

>> Be strong and confident in your decision not to drink.

>> Don’t be afraid to vocalize your decision not to drink in front of your friends.

>> Refrain from participating in situations that might tempt you to drink.

>> Surround yourself with like-minded friends so that you can support one another.

>> Raise awareness about the dangers of alcohol.

For Those Above the Legal Drinking Age:

>> Model safe drinking behaviors.

>> Never drive while under the influence of alcohol.

>> Support underage persons in their decision to abstain from drinking.

>> Never serve alcohol to minors.

>> If you choose not to drink, offer to drive your friends home safely after a social event where alcohol was served.

We at Rethink the Drink want you to live a long, healthy, and happy life that is free from avoidable influences and destructive behaviors. Choose to be the best role model for others that you can be!

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