How do you stay motivated?

How do you stay motivated to continue in your sobriety journey? It can be difficult to maintain a strong conviction when “everyone else is doing it.” A lot of people drink alcohol and consume other harmful drugs, but you can be strong in your plan to rethink the drink! We believe in you!

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Resist Peer Pressure

One of the major factors in teen drinking is peer pressure. If you struggle with caving to that pressure, today’s resources are for you! If you are a parent who has a teen that struggles with peer pressure, use these resources to help encourage them to make their own decisions.

>> 5 Tips for Resisting Peer Pressure // Great Schools

>> 20 Ways to Avoid Peer Pressure // Your Life Counts

>> Peer Pressure // Teens for Life

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Don’t Be Outwitted By Marketing

Don’t be fooled by attractive, flashy ads on TV, in magazines, and on the internet when it comes to alcohol. Sure, those posters of gorgeous models with beers and wine glasses might make alcohol consumption seem glamorous, but the reality of drinking and partying can be quite disturbing and have a negative impact on your health.

Just as peer pressure can be a big player in teen drinking, so can advertising and marketing directed at young professionals and college students. High school students and even middle-schoolers are not exempt from the pressure of the media, either. In fact, a FOX article recently discussed the role marketing plays in getting young people to exhibit brand loyalty in alcohol consumption.

Next time you read a magazine or online article and flip through the ads (or scroll past), ignore those deceptive and seductive alcohol marketing ads. Remember, those companies just want to make money and they’ll resort to whatever tactics they need to in order to entice consumers to buy. Don’t become a blind robot and give in to their schemes! Be strong and rethink the drink! Take care of your health and don’t let flashy ads become more powerful than your willpower. You can do it! We here at RTD support you!

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Happy New Year’s Eve!

happynewyear'seve2012When you’re out celebrating the New Year with your friends, remember to rethink the drink and stay safe! Refuse to drink alcohol if you’re underage. If you’re an adult, use caution and be a good role model. Make sure you do not drive if you’ve had anything to drink and if you’re a passenger, make sure your driver is sober. Make wise choices and have a great last night of 2013!

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Safe Choices During Homecoming Season

Many schools celebrated their Homecoming games and dances this past weekend. Some schools will have their Homecomings in the weeks ahead. Whenever your Homecoming celebration is, I truly hope that you’ll pledge to make wise choices–particularly when it comes to alcohol and other drugs. It is not necessary to drink in order to have a fun Homecoming night! Instead of giving into peer pressure to participate in unsafe activities, make the choice to have safe, drug-free fun with your friends!


1. Participate in the school sponsored activities (i.e. the football games, dances, and parades) where there will be adult chaperones

2. Let your parents know where you are and who you are with throughout the entire evening so they can be sure you are safe

3. Refuse to get into the cars of friends who have been drinking

4. Stay away from peer parties where you know alcohol will be served

5. Be confident in your decision to refrain from drinking and taking other drugs. You are making a wise choice that will protect yourself and others!!

For those of you who have already had your homecoming, I hope that you made good choices and made the decision to be a good role model to your friends.

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Text Message To Avoid Alcohol

Let’s face it: texting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to talk today. Not only that but it is also an increasingly popular way for parents to communicate with their children.

In today’s high tech world talking to your child about the dangers of underage drinking has never been easier. Bellow you will find a few sample text messages that you can use or adopt to start the alcohol conversation and keep it going.

 1. Be careful tonight. If your friends offer you a drink, just say you promised me no.  

2. Have fun tonight! Keep your curfew in mind. Call me if you need anything. 

3. Remember, alcohol can lead you 2 say things and do things u wish u hadn’t. 

4.  Hey! Have fun tonight. Wanted 2 remind you not 2 drink at the party.  

5.   I trust you to make good decisions 2nite. Let me know if you need anything. We r here for    you.  

6. I want you to have fun 2nite, but be safe. Love, Mom/Dad  

7. I’m so glad you’re my son/daughter. You make me so proud.  

8. It took me forever to write this text, but just wanted to say hi. I love you.  

9. Just because your friends drink, doesn’t mean you have to. I’m here if you need anything.

10. Just wanted to say that I am thinking about you. xo

11. Let me know who is going to be at the party. Are the parents going 2 B home?

12. Remember 2 always make good decisions. It only takes 1 bad 1 2 ruin all the good ones.

13. Remember our discussion about drinking. We love you too much to see anything bad happen to you.

14. Remember your promise to us. Be safe tonight. Love you.

15. Remember, not drinking will keep you from making decisions you may regret.

16. Resisting peer pressure is tough, but you can do whatever you set your mind to.

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FREE Webinar: Preventing Underage Drinking Series

Register now for the next webinar in the Preventing Underage Drinking series sponsored by the federal Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Prevention of Underage Drinking (ICCPUD). ICCPUD member agencies hosting this event are the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the Office of National Drug Control Policy, and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

When:  April 17, 2013, 2:00 to 3:15 p.m. EDT

Who:  A panel of national experts on underage drinking prevention:

  • Frances M. Harding, Director of the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, SAMHSA;
  • Kelli A. Komro, Ph.D., M.P.H., Professor in the Department of Health Outcomes and Policy within the College of Medicine and the Associate Director of the Institute for Child Health Policy at the University of Florida;
  • Robert F. Saltz, Ph.D., Senior Scientist for the Prevention Research Center in Berkeley, California; and
  • Richard Spoth, Ph.D., F. Wendell Miller Senior Prevention Scientist and Director of the Partnerships in Prevention Science Institute, Iowa State University.

Why:  Nearly 10 million 12- to 20-year-olds in the United States are underage drinkers. Underage drinking poses serious negative consequences for individuals, families, and communities.  This webinar series features national leaders and experts discussing the extent and nature of the problem, lessons from recent research, and evidence-based strategies for addressing underage drinking.

What:  In this webinar, national experts will expand on the “shape of the solution” to underage drinking introduced by Ms. Harding during the first webinar in the series. The discussion will focus on evidence-based strategies for preventing underage drinking that are age and culturally appropriate and address both individual and environmental factors.  Following their presentations, panelists will engage with participants in a live question-and-answer period.

Where: To find more information and to register, please visit