Maybe you’re struggling with peer pressure. Maybe you’ve been tempted to drink because you think you’ll enjoy the taste or the experience. Whatever your reasons for thinking about giving alcohol a try, we’re here to help you stay strong! Here are ten reasons for avoiding alcohol as a minor:

>> 1. It’s illegal. // It may seem like the most obvious of these reasons (hence why it’s number 1), but it is in fact a big deal. Underage drinking is illegal. In the vast majority of cases, even serving alcohol to minors is illegal. Best to just stay away from it altogether until you’re of legal drinking age (and even then, you should exercise extreme caution and wisdom).

>> 2. Drinking as a minor can affect your brain health. // Even light drinking as a minor can cause permanent brain damage.

>> 3. Drinking and driving can kill yourself and others. // Even if you don’t think of the consequences to yourself when you drink and drive, as soon as you roll out onto the pavement, the life of every other driver on the road is in your hands. Think of everyone. Don’t do it.

>> 4. Alcohol poisoning is real AND it can kill you. // Alcohol poisoning is not a joke. You can seriously poison your body by drinking too much alcohol in a short time.

>> 5. You might make decisions you’ll later regret. // Being under the influence of alcohol can lead you to make rash, unplanned decisions that can create drastic consequences you might have to live with for the rest of your life.It’s best to avoid a situation like this altogether so you don’t have to worry about it.

It’s not easy to say no when many of your peers might be saying yes. Just remember, YOU are in charge of your life. No one else. Rethink the drink and make wise choices for your body!

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Reasons To Avoid Alcohol // resources and helpful links

I hope that you had a happy, safe, and terrific weekend! I hope, too, that you held strong to your pledge to Rethink the Drink! Today on the blog, we’ve got some great resources about reasons to avoid alcohol. Some of these resources are links to other web pages with more information and some are documents that you can save and keep to share with others. Take these resources and educate yourself and others about the dangers of alcohol abuse!

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