From the Boards: Drug-Free Fun!

Today on From the Boards, we’re showcasing some of our latest pins on ways to have fun without resorting to alcohol and other drugs. There are tons and tons of ways to cut loose and go nuts with your friends without being unsafe! Here are some great ideas!

1. Hide and Seek // Okay, in all seriousness, Hide and Seek is an AMAZING game to play as kids, teenagers, and adults! Get together some of your friends and have an EPIC HnS game! Play outside in the dark with flashlights or take over someone’s house and just go for it! You may scoff and think it’s a childish game, but HnS is no joke! Haven’t you ever watched Portlandia?

2. Ultimate Frisbee // So, I’ve never actually played Ultimate Frisbee, but it was a HUGE hit with the guys at my college back in the day. I hear it’s fun, competitive, and a great way to enjoy the outdoors with friends! Grab a disc and get out on the green!

3. Video Game Tournament // Again, don’t knock it till you try it! Some of the BEST times my friends and I have had growing up is simply getting together with a video or computer game and playing for HOURS. Sometimes we’d do a tournament, other times we’d just have one person play and watch, but it was ALWAYS a good time. Bring snacks and fun alcohol-free drinks and let the shouting matches, trash talking, and major victories begin!

What are some of your ideas for Drug-Free Fun? Looking for more ideas to log away? Check out our Pinterest Board dedicated to the subject!

From the Boards: Facts About Alcohol Use

Happy Sunday! I’m back today to share another “From the Boards” feature with you! Today, we’re focusing on infographics about alcohol use. I’ll let these poignant images speak for themselves. Curious about healthy ways to celebrate life? Want to learn how to make delicious, alcohol-free drinks for a party or get-together? Looking for real information about alcohol abuse? Check out our Pinterest boards and become a follower!



From the Boards: Celebrate Summer With These Non-Alcoholic Drinks!

“From the Boards” will be a new feature here on RETHINK THE DRINK about ways to celebrate life with great food, tasty (Alcohol-Free) drinks, and fabulous company! Today on From the Boards, I’m showcasing some terrific drink recipes to make with friends at your next party! No need to add any spirits to these wildly delicious beverages! Just gather the ingredients and have fun trying out these great recipes with your friends!

Askinosie Chocolate Malt Milkshake from A Beautiful Mess
Chocolate Chip Mango Cream Shake w/ Lime by Urban Poser
Virgin Strawberry Mojito by Savory Stiletto

Try them out and let us know what you think! Remember, you DON’T HAVE TO DRINK TO HAVE FUN!!! There are so many other ways to have a blast with your friends. Check out our pinterest boards for some ideas!


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