Alcohol Often Involved in Violence Against Women

Today is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. A recent PRNewswire article discussed the link between alcohol and violence against women and girls. Here are some shocking statistics from the article (quoted directly from source):

  • “In Cambodia 83% of beer sellers are exposed to unwanted sexual contact. In Australia 40% of cases of physical and/ or sexual assault of women are alcohol related.”

  • “In the UK, alcohol is involved in 88% of cases of domestic violence involving dual perpetration of violence and 55% of sole perpetrator cases. In Rwanda focus groups of rural women report alcohol to be the number one factor in domestic violence.”

  • “Across Africa and Asia, in countries like South Africa, India, Uganda, Vietnam and Zimbabwe it was found that ca. 65% of women experiencing Intimate partner violence report alcohol use by the perpetrator.”

  • “In Brazil 70% of the cases of Intimate partner violence are alcohol related. In the USA, mothers convicted of child abuse are three times more likely, and fathers convicted are ten times more likely to be alcoholics.”

  •             PRNewswire, Women and Girls Suffer Alcohol-Related Violence, 11.25.13

Help raise awareness of this connection by discussing these statistics with friends and family. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse (either alcohol related or otherwise), please contact your local law enforcement immediately. As well, here are some excellent resources for supporting movements that seek to liberate women and girls and who strive to raise awareness about the dangers of alcohol:




Please, please, please read the entire article linked above. It is so, so important that we are aware of the problem that alcohol poses to the world and to families.

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