Youth Action Team Creates a Giant Red Ribbon!

student red ribbon (2)

Check out our Youth Action team members at Woodland High School creating a giant red ribbon for Red Ribbon Week! It’s fabulous to see such conscientious youth in our community! Go Youth Action Team! Rethink the drink and stay away from drugs!

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Text Message To Avoid Alcohol

Let’s face it: texting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to talk today. Not only that but it is also an increasingly popular way for parents to communicate with their children.

In today’s high tech world talking to your child about the dangers of underage drinking has never been easier. Bellow you will find a few sample text messages that you can use or adopt to start the alcohol conversation and keep it going.

 1. Be careful tonight. If your friends offer you a drink, just say you promised me no.  

2. Have fun tonight! Keep your curfew in mind. Call me if you need anything. 

3. Remember, alcohol can lead you 2 say things and do things u wish u hadn’t. 

4.  Hey! Have fun tonight. Wanted 2 remind you not 2 drink at the party.  

5.   I trust you to make good decisions 2nite. Let me know if you need anything. We r here for    you.  

6. I want you to have fun 2nite, but be safe. Love, Mom/Dad  

7. I’m so glad you’re my son/daughter. You make me so proud.  

8. It took me forever to write this text, but just wanted to say hi. I love you.  

9. Just because your friends drink, doesn’t mean you have to. I’m here if you need anything.

10. Just wanted to say that I am thinking about you. xo

11. Let me know who is going to be at the party. Are the parents going 2 B home?

12. Remember 2 always make good decisions. It only takes 1 bad 1 2 ruin all the good ones.

13. Remember our discussion about drinking. We love you too much to see anything bad happen to you.

14. Remember your promise to us. Be safe tonight. Love you.

15. Remember, not drinking will keep you from making decisions you may regret.

16. Resisting peer pressure is tough, but you can do whatever you set your mind to.

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CPMA & Bartow EMS Help Students “Rethink the Drink!”

In partnership with Bartow EMS, The Coalition to Prevent the Misuse of Alcohol helped students at Cartersville, Woodland, Adairsville, and Cass High School to “Rethink the Drink” and to really think about the consequences of their decisions. The video, “Decisions,” focuses on the story of a young man and the decisions he makes during the night of his prom and the consequences that result. The video then highlights the true stories of 3 adults who made decisions to drink and drive or ride with a drunk driver.

At each assembly, the video was shown and then followed up with guest speakers from the video. EMS workers, Taylor Forsyth and LaRay Harris, would then reenforce the message of the assembly and ask students to sign the “Rethink the Drink” by signing a pledge banner promising not to drink or use other drugs and instead, celebrate in a safe and healthy way. These pledge banners were then hung up at the Clarence Brown Conference Center during each of the school’s prom.


The CPMA would like to thank all of the sponsors and those who contributed, along with Bartow EMS for making everything come together so smoothly, and to the Bartow Youth Action Team members who encouraged their classmates to truly think about their decisions and to sign the pledge! Thank you for making these prom assemblies such a phenomenal success!

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Cartersville High Gets First Look At New Prom Video

Cartersville High School’s Junior and Senior class got to be the first school to view the NEW underage drinking PSA created in partnership between Bartow EMS and the Coalition to Prevent the Misuse of Alcohol. The video called “Decisions,” focuses on the story of a high school senior who makes several big decisions during the night of his prom that results in real life consequences. The CPMA hopes that students will choose to “Rethink the Drink” and choose to celebrate in a safe and healthy way.

IMG_6054Cartersville High School Prom Assembly


Bartow Youth Action Team Members: Kalai Willis, Stephanie Hernandez, Maria Cabanas


CPMA members: Scott Sherwin & Christa Layton, Bartow EMS: Taylor Forsyth & LaRay Harris, Owens Funeral Home, and “Ghost Out” student volunteers

Dates of upcoming prom assemblies:

  • April 10th at 10:00 am at Woodland High School
  • April 11th at 10:00 am at Adairsville High School
  • April 16th at 8:45 am at Cass High School