AlcoholEDU is a program targeted at high school students and their parents to help combat underage drinking. An online alcohol prevention program, AlcoholEDU is designed specifically for the youth and parents of today. It’s an evidence-based, online alcohol prevention course that operates with project-based learning. Students have the opportunity to travel through a community to fully understand the risks and dangers surrounding alcohol consumption. The program was created by Everfi and provides an experience that reduces support for underage drinking, improves knowledge of alcohol and its effects, motivates behavior change, supports safer, and healthier decisions regarding alcohol.

Today’s students are constantly receiving mixed messages in our culture which usually encourages, rather than discourages, underage drinking. Students who participate in this course will receive instruction on science-based, alcohol-related content, interactive exercises, a pre-test and final exam, and surveys measuring attitudes and behaviors. Parents may also take their own course which will help them to better prevent underage alcohol consumption in their own teens’ lives.

For more information about AlcoholEDU, check out Everfi’s website or give them a call at 781-726-6677.

For parents looking to login to the program, click this link: and follow these instructions:

  • Enter the Parents New-User Login ID: 2014parent
  • Create your individual profile. Your Username will be your email address.


Pre-Test Survey:

Post-Test Survey:

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