Positive Vibes

The world is a scary place right now. Because of that, we wanted to overload your week with some positive vibes to get you through. Take these messages to heart and let the words sink into your soul. You’re doing great!

Are you a good role model for your kids? Your friends’ kids? What about your nieces and nephews? Are you showing how to live a good life free of the harmful effects of alcohol and other harmful drug abuse? Remember: they’re watching. Show them what a healthy, whole life looks like.


It can be tempting during this time of uncertainty and fear to turn to alcohol and other drugs to numb ourselves out. What’s happening in our world is scary, but rather than turning to harmful substances to “check out” for a while, focus up and stay strong. Your health is worth more than artificial ease.

Are you bogged down by negative self-talk? When you’re tempted to give in to your impulses to misuse alcohol and abuse other harmful drugs, remember: you’re worth investing in. Be kind to yourself by making wise choices for your future!


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