Do you have supportive friends?

Saying “no” to alcohol and other drugs can be a lot easier (and more fun!) when you have the right friends around you. Make sure that whoever you hang out with, they’re supportive of your choice to avoid dangerous substances like alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs. Friends are people who support you in you living your best life. People who constantly encourage you to make bad decisions that can negatively affect your health are no good for you. Surround yourself with only your true friends and you’ll go far!

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Small changes can lead to big changes!

Do you have big goals for your life? Big changes you’d like to make? Big changes typically come from small changes over time. This week, if you’re trying to quit alcohol altogether an excellent way you could start would be to try a soda at the next party instead of a beer. Small changes lead to big changes in your life! You can do it! Rethink the drink this week.