5 Ways to Relax without Alcohol

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If you’re struggling with peer pressure, anxiety, or other negative emotions, it can be easy to go to alcohol to ease your emotional tension. Today, we’d like to share 5 ways to unwind and relax without alcohol!

> 1. Exercise // It may sound counterproductive to exercise when you need to relax, but if you’re stressed emotionally, exercise is a terrific way to relieve stress and improve your mood.

> 2. Take up a hobby. // What is something you love to do that’s purely for fun? Try to find a hobby that is unrelated to school or other parts of your life that demand you to be “on” and productive. Find a hobby that you’re passionate about that helps you to emotionally recharge.

> 3. Get enough sleep. // Many teenagers are night owls and don’t get enough sleep to run optimally during the day. Make sure that you’re getting 7-8 hours a night to give your emotions their best chance of assisting you rather than running you over.

> 4. Spend time with good friends. // Sometimes, all you need to relax and unwind is a great time with friends. Find your besties and go on a hike together or hang out at a coffee shop. Whatever the activity, it can be easy to “let go” of stress when you’re smiling and laughing with friends you care about and feel safe with.

> 5.Netflix and chill. // Though it isn’t good to spend countless hours in front of the TV, sometimes the right recipe for relaxing can include some “Netflix and chill” time. Find a new TV show or a great movie, get some popcorn, and just rejuvenate after a stressful day.

What are some alcohol-free ways you love to decompress after a stressful day?

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