Top 5 Reasons to Stay Sober in Summer!

Happy Friday, everyone! We hope that you have a safe, sober weekend! We have five reasons for you to stay committed to your sober lifestyle today — especially in the heat of summer when many people choose to engage in abusive alcohol habits:

>>1. Alcohol is dehydrating. — In the summer heat, it is of paramount importance to stay hydrated. Drink water, not alcohol!

>> 2. Alcohol poisoning is real and can be fatal. — At parties this summer, there may be an abundance of beer and other drinks. When you’re having a great time, it is easy to lose track of how many drinks you’ve had. Alcohol poisoning can set in and quickly lead to death if it isn’t caught early. Avoid the drinking altogether and stay safe!

>> 3. Alcohol is expensive. — Having a party with a well-stocked bar can significantly raise the price of your summer events. Just forego the booze and keep your parties alcohol-free to save tons of money (and potentially, lives).

>> 4. Drunk driving kills. — You may not be able to control the choices of other drivers, but you can avoid drunk driving and perhaps save a life. Drunk driving kills. Be vigilant and never allow friends to drive while intoxicated.

>> 5. Alcohol can lead to a variety of illnesses (many of which may become fatal). — To keep yourself in great summer-shape, avoid the alcohol. It can lead to weight gain, liver disease, multiple types of cancer, and more!

Stay fit and healthy this summer! Rethink the drink!

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