Our Top 3 Tips for a Safe 4th of July!


The 4th of July is tomorrow and we at Rethink the Drink know how much fun it is to cook out with friends and family and enjoy the holiday. However, you can have just as much fun, if not more, without alcohol! Here are our top three tips for celebrating Independence Day safely and alcohol-free!

>> 1) Eliminate alcohol from your 4th of July party! — Alcohol and fireworks, physical activity, and driving DO. NOT. MIX. Considering most 4th of July parties involve all of those things, keep your friends and family safe by eliminating the alcohol. Not only is it extremely dangerous to mix alcohol and fireworks, but it is potentially fatal to mix alcohol with intense physical activity (in summer heat) and driving. Just don’t do it. Rethink the drink.

>> 2) Designate sober drivers for those who do drink! — Even if you choose not to serve alcohol at your own get-together, some of your guests may bring their own or may have been drinking already by the time they arrive. Make sure that EVERYONE who has consumed alcohol has a safe, sober driver to take them home. Confiscate keys if you have to. Do you part to keep intoxicated drivers off the road!

>> 3) Stay hydrated! — If your party is outdoors, it can get extremely toasty. Make sure you have plenty of alcohol-free beverages to keep yourself and your guests hydrated for a full day of fun! 

We truly hope you have a fun, safe holiday tomorrow! Happy 4th of July from Rethink the Drink!

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