Our Top 10 Reasons to Stay Sober This Summer

It isn’t easy staying sober when all your friends are out partying and drinking all the time. We’re here to give you some encouragement on your sobriety journey! Here are our top ten reasons to stay sober this summer!

1. Staying sober means you can help keep your friends safe by being a designated driver when they need one.

2. Staying sober means you are protecting your body from the damaging effects of alcohol.

3. By staying sober, you avoid the temptation to binge drink.

4. Staying sober means you can contribute to the number of SAFE drivers on the road.

5. You can stand up for your convictions and enhance your self-esteem.

6. There are other ways to cool off rather than always resorting to a cold beer.

7. You reduce your chances of engaging in addictive behaviors.

8. You keep your organs healthier and happier.

9. Staying sober is a great character builder.

10. Staying sober helps to set a good example for all generations.

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