Behavior Check

Today on the blog, we wanted to help you check in on your behavior around alcohol. Answer these questions truthfully to yourself and if you say yes to several, you may have a serious alcohol misuse problem. If you do, tell someone and seek help. You don’t have to live dependent on alcohol!

>> Do you often find yourself drinking when you’re down or upset?

>> Do you drink more than 4 or 5 drinks right after another at parties or at home?

>> Do you drink out of a response to peer pressure?

>> Do you drink early in the day just to “get yourself through”?

>> Do you drink every day?

>> Do you find it difficult to stop drinking once you start?

If you have answered yes to one or several of these, you need to consider getting professional help to break your alcohol abuse habits. That could be a professional counselor, a 12 step program, or a residential treatment facility. Whatever you choose, find help that fits your needs and give yourself your best change at recovery! Alcoholic.Org has a terrific and helpful website with more information.

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