5 Tips for Staying Sober

say noWhen you make the choice as a teen or adult to abstain from drinking alcohol, it can be difficult and isolating. Don’t worry. You’re not alone in your emotional turmoil. We’re here to help you feel confident about your choice to rethink the drink! Below you’ll find 5 tips for staying sober when you’re tempted to give in:

1// Limit your exposure to tempting situations // If you have been invited to a place you know alcohol might be served, consider your track record. If you’ve been sober for a really long time, such a situation may no longer be a problem for you. However, if you are new to sobriety, perhaps consider declining politely and be transparent about your reasons. People who matter won’t mind and people who mind, don’t matter.

2// Exercise and eat well // Exercise can help increase endorphins in the body and help you to feel calm, joyful, and content. Eating well will keep you nourished and full and can help to minimize your cravings for things like alcohol and other dangerous substances.

3// Seek help // If you’ve been attempting the sobriety train solo, you may want to consider finding a support group such as Alcoholics Anonymous or another organization that encourages its members to maintain sobriety. You may also want to consider a professional counselor or enlist the help of a doctor. If you feel your alcohol use never reached addiction levels, you’ll still want to surround yourself with people who support your decision to abstain from alcohol.

4// Be honest and open about your decision not to drink // You may feel like you’re the only one abstaining from alcohol, but we can assure you there are many others like you! Be honest and up front about your decision not to drink and be confident in your reasons. If someone asks you why you’re avoiding alcohol, tell them the truth. Believe in your choices. Be strong in your decision to rethink the drink!

5// Give yourself rewards for not drinking // When you’ve been sober a week, give yourself a little treat such as a homework-free night, or enjoying a dessert you really love. When you’ve been sober a month, a year, five years, ten years, celebrate! Find ways to reward yourself that are not destructive and that encourage you to stick to your convictions!

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