5 Scary Alcohol Facts

Aalcoholchangesyoulcohol can be a deceptively dangerous drug. Because it is legal to drink at 21 in the U.S., and alcohol is so easily purchased, teens and adults can swiftly become addicted to it. Alcohol dependence can come with some very unpleasant side effects and consequences. Today on the blog, we’re sharing 5 of the scariest alcohol facts.

1) Alcohol poisoning — an overdose on alcohol in a very short period of time — can kill you even if you do receive immediate medical attention.

2) It is extremely difficult to overcome alcoholism once it is developed. However with professional help and support from wise friends, it is achievable.

3) Prolonged alcohol use can lead to the development of a host of mental and physical illnesses including cancer, depression, and liver disease.

4) Drinking while pregnant can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome.

5) Alcohol abuse can lead to violent behavior and can result in rape, murder, and other horrific acts.

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