5 Tips for a Safe Thanksgiving

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With Thanksgiving this week, safety should be on the minds of all travelers, parents, and families in general. Lots of people will be driving or flying to distant destinations to be with loved ones. There will, inevitably, be drunk drivers out on the road. Don’t be one of them. Here are some other tips for having a safe Thanksgiving!

1. Don’t serve alcohol to minors. // It can be customary at enclosed family gatherings to offer underage folks a small glass of wine or some other spiked holiday drink. This is not a great idea. Instead of allowing your teens and children to ingest a harmful intoxicant, rather, you should model appropriate drinking behavior in front of them. Have 1 or 2 drinks and remain sober.

2. If you do plan to drink, designate a sober driver. // If you do plan on drinking and you still have other places to drive after a get-together, make sure you have a sober driver. Don’t be the cause of an accident that can change lives forever!!

3. Keep an eye out for emotional situations that might trigger problem behaviors. // The holidays are, unfortunately, a difficult time for many people. You might have family members or friends who resort to destructive behaviors to get through the holidays. If you know you or a friend has a problem with alcohol during hard times, seek help before you need the alcohol to get you through.

4. If you are the host of a family gathering, set down strict rules for drinking and driving. // Don’t let friends or family drive drunk. PERIOD.

5. Try to stay indoors after dark on the congested travel nights to avoid wild drivers who might have been drinking. // It may seem paranoid, but if you can just stay in after dark on Thanksgiving night and leave after light the next day, it can increase your chances of avoiding drunk drivers.

Happy Holidays!

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