Adults Have a Responsibility to Be a Good Role Model

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**Attn Parents of 9th Graders in Polk County: please sign the permission form to have your ninth graders attend the Family Connection Teen Maze on November 5th and 6th. Contact your (Cedartown High or Rockmart High) school for more information.**

It puts a lot of pressure on adults when they hear, “You need to be a role model for the younger generation.” As much pressure as that might add to an already stressful adult lifestyle, it’s true. News like this reinforces the fact that adults need to be mindful of their actions and how it might affect other people. If you are an adult who is a parent to a teen or who has young teen friends or acquaintances, be the role model you wish YOU had had as a teenager. Make wise choices when it comes to alcohol, exercise, work, relationships, and your hobbies. Show the upcoming generations that it IS possible to live a positive life and to make consistent, healthy decisions.

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