Stick With Good Friends

Cedartown SADD and bannerPeer pressure is no joke. You know what it’s like to surround yourself with people who put pressure on you. A good way to stop that is to stick with those friends who help you to become a better person and “break up” with the ones that bring you down. Sure, some feelings might get hurt, but you have to think about your future. Do you want to be a person who helps others grow and become better people? If that’s what you want to do with your own life, don’t you want to have friends who feel the same way?

Take a good, hard look at your community. Take a look at the folks you hang out with. Are they pressuring you to do things you know are harmful or less than you deserve? It will be hard, but move on from people like that and stick with the ones who really love and support your life goals.

Make wise decisions together! There is strength in numbers! Just like peer pressure can lead you to make bad decisions, having a group of supportive friends can also help you to keep making good decisions. Be a good friend today!

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