Adults: Show Your Pledge to Prevent Alcohol Abuse!

2002-12-08 12.00.00-351

Rethinking the drink isn’t just for underage folks. If you’re an adult, you have a responsibility to model appropriate drinking behaviors for your younger peers, children, and friends. Show us your pledge to prevent alcohol abuse among minors by creating a sign like the one above, capturing it in an Instagram picture, and tagging it with the hashtag: #PreventAlcoholAbuse. Please also tag us in your Instagram post: @rethinkthedrink. Your support helps us to spread the word about our positive message and to encourage others to participate in healthy choices regarding alcohol. Thanks so much!

Want to connect with Rethink the Drink? Check us out on FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram, and our CPMA Website! “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Pinterest to show your pledge to rethink the drink.


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