10 Things You Can do Today Besides Drink

So, this may be obvious to you, but there are about ten million (or more) things you could do for fun today besides popping open a beer. Sometimes, teens think that drinking with friends is the pinnacle of a good time, but in reality you could be doing all sorts of things with your buddies besides abusing alcohol. Running dry on ideas? Here are a few “summery” activities sure to boost your mood, bring a smile to your face, and can be engaged in with friends:

1. Go for a run. — Exercise is a great way to release “happy chemicals” in your body. Endorphins are released with exercise and your mood is guaranteed to improve. Run with friends for a social outlet that can also contribute positively to your health.

2. Grab coffee with your buds and take a nice morning walk. — Spend time getting to know your friends by taking an early morning walk through a new area of your city or a trail.

3. Play an outdoor  game together! — There are all sorts of fun games that can be played outside in the sunshine! Pick something everybody loves and get your blood pumping.

4. Volunteer in your community. — Find a service opportunity that will help you and your friends give back to your community!

5. Take a swim! — Swimming is a great summer social activity. Head to the local pool or one at a friend’s house and burn some calories while you have a great time.

6. Learn a new skill. — Always wanted to learn Zumba or proper weight lifting form? Take a class with friends and learn a new skill (even if it’s something like cooking)!

7. Visit a new place. — Punch in a new destination in your GPS and head off on an adventure to discover a new place!

8. Read a book. — Reading develops so many mental skills and it is a great way to take a mini-escape during the day (not to mention can provide you with an opportunity for quiet in the midst of this very busy and loud world in which we live).

9. Host a gaming tournament. — Love to play cooperative multi-player games? Break one out at a get-together and create brackets so that your friends can compete with their mad gaming skills!

10. Brush up on neglected hobbies. Love to play the guitar or knit? Want to write that novel or make that short film? Use the time you would have spent partying and get to work on strengthening those hobbies!

Hopefully we’ve given you some great alternatives to wasting time abusing alcohol! Rethink the drink and get out there and enjoy (and actually remember) your summer!

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