Don’t Be Outwitted By Marketing

Don’t be fooled by attractive, flashy ads on TV, in magazines, and on the internet when it comes to alcohol. Sure, those posters of gorgeous models with beers and wine glasses might make alcohol consumption seem glamorous, but the reality of drinking and partying can be quite disturbing and have a negative impact on your health.

Just as peer pressure can be a big player in teen drinking, so can advertising and marketing directed at young professionals and college students. High school students and even middle-schoolers are not exempt from the pressure of the media, either. In fact, a FOX article recently discussed the role marketing plays in getting young people to exhibit brand loyalty in alcohol consumption.

Next time you read a magazine or online article and flip through the ads (or scroll past), ignore those deceptive and seductive alcohol marketing ads. Remember, those companies just want to make money and they’ll resort to whatever tactics they need to in order to entice consumers to buy. Don’t become a blind robot and give in to their schemes! Be strong and rethink the drink! Take care of your health and don’t let flashy ads become more powerful than your willpower. You can do it! We here at RTD support you!

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