Hold Off on the Drinks if You Want a Slim Figure!

It’s summertime! Everyone wants to fit into that attractive swim suit or stylish pair of shorts for the beach or taking a stroll around town. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, make avoiding alcohol one of your goals. It’s a little considered thought, but it’s very true that alcohol can lead to weight gain. Consuming alcohol means consuming additional calories that you wouldn’t otherwise take in. It can also increase your appetite. As you drink, your inhibitions and “stopping mechanisms” are impaired, meaning you are likely to overindulge.

Now, in the articles below, you’ll notice that drinking in moderation will not necessarily cause weight gain. However, if you are underage, you should be avoiding alcohol at all costs for legal and health reasons. If you’re of age and enjoy a drink every now and then, keep in mind the principle of moderation and limit yourself and set a good example for those underage people around you.

>> About.com’s Article on Alcohol and Weight Gain

>> The Alcoholism’s Guide to Alcohol and Weight Gain

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