Resources for Living Alcohol-Free!

We touched on this topic briefly a few weeks ago, but today, I wanted to spend a bit of time exposing you all to some great resources for alcohol-free living! Many people don’t realize that it is entirely possible, and okay, to live your life without alcohol. If you’re a minor, you need to avoid alcohol for legal reasons and if you’re an adult, it’s a good idea to minimize your alcohol consumption for health reasons.

There are myriad resources available for you, but instead of making you Google them all yourself, here are 10 great websites and articles that can help you on your alcohol-free journey!

1. 10 Tips for Living Drug, Alcohol, and Smoke Free // HubPages

2. 12 Steps of Recovery for Drug and Alcohol Addiction – Infographic // Infographic Post

3. When is Drinking Wine a Drinking Problem? // Alcohol Free Social Life

4. Alcohol Free Living // Allvoices

5. Living Alcohol Free // Waking Up

6. What are the Positive Aspects of a Drug Free Life // Ezine Articles

7. One Year of Living Without Alcohol // Alison Travels

8. 7 Reasons Why Life is Better Without Booze // MindBodyGreen

9. 10 Unexpected Positives to Alcohol-Free Living // Eat Live Life

10. Living Sober // Recovery Connection

Share these resources with your friends and be sure to take their advice to heart! Life without alcohol is just as fun, awesome, and exciting as life with it!

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