Life Beyond Alcohol

Throughout this month, we’ve been discussing the dangers of alcohol and resources for recovery. Something we wanted to bring to your attention today is this: It’s okay to NOT drink alcohol. Seriously. You may have been pressured your entire life into drinking because of your peers, family, or culture, but the plain fact is, you can go your entire life avoiding alcohol and you don’t have to apologize to ANYONE. When you are of legal drinking age, it can sometimes feel like you have to go out and have a drink in order to fit in, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. You may not really like the taste of alcohol, or you may not want to put alcohol into your body because of health or addiction concerns. You may have religious opposition to alcohol. Whatever your reason is, you can absolutely live a wonderful and fulfilling life without drinking alcohol.

If you’ve never considered this, take some serious time to reflect on it. If you’re underage, avoid alcohol at all costs! It’s not worth the legal, health, and social trouble that comes with it. If you’re of age, consider the following questions:

>> If I drink alcohol, can I rely on myself to engage in safe drinking behaviors?

>> Do I even like the taste of alcohol?

>> Am I just drinking because everyone else does it?

>> Could I develop an addiction to alcohol?

Take time to contemplate these questions and decide intentionally whether or not you want to drink alcohol as an of-age adult. If the answer is NO, don’t feel bad or weird or socially incorrect. Whatever choices you make for your own health should be celebrated and we here at Rethink the Drink support you! If you do decide to drink alcohol once you’re of age, remember to drink responsibly and be an example for younger and older generations.

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