Resources for Recovery

As April winds down, and we’ve spent the last few weeks taking a look at the devastating effects of alcohol, we here at Rethink the Drink want to spend the next couple weeks taking a look at the GOOD NEWS! There is recovery from alcohol addiction and there is hope for a life beyond alcohol. Today, we wanted to offer you a variety of resources for recovery to help you get yourself on the road to sobriety and good health.

>>’s listings for the state of Georgia

>> Georgia Recovery Center Listings

>> Assisted Recovery Centers of Georgia

>> Alcoholics Anonymous

There are, of course, many more options available if you perform a simple Google search or use another search engine with the same query. We hope that you’ll consider recovery a viable option for you! It is absolutely okay to live life alcohol-free, especially if alcohol has been a destructive force in your life. If you’d like some inspiration on the road to recovery, check out our board on Pinterest: [RECOVERY].

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