Alcohol and Emotional Stress

Many individuals (teens and adults alike) turn to alcohol and other drugs to manage emotional stress. The high, easy feeling that comes from imbibing intoxicating substances can help us “check out” and escape from immediate pain and distress. However, constantly treating your emotions with an addictive drug can have devastating life-long consequences. Continued use of alcohol to help ease emotional stress can lead to destructive behaviors and common drug-induced health concerns such as:

>> Alcohol Poisoning (read more about that here)

>> Alcoholism

>> Alienation from friends and family

>> Avoidance of engaging in healthy coping strategies

>> Diseases of the liver and some cancers

If you are under immense stress and it is causing you to feel anxious, concerned, depressed, or to experience any other negative emotions, find a counselor or friend you can confide in and talk to. There are many other healthy ways to deal with emotional stress and to get that feeling of ease and contentment. Check out our Pinterest Board, [NATURAL HIGH] for some ideas! Also consider one or more of the following options:

>> Talk to a counselor or psychologist

>> Find a social outlet like a club or sport

>> Get outside in the sunshine and go for a walk or hike

>> Eat nourishing foods and engage in regular activity to keep your body (and brain) in tip top shape

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