How Alcohol Addiction Forms

ce198-istheredangerinwithdrawalfromalcohol252candwhat252cexactly252cisalcoholwithdrawalBecause April is Alcohol Awareness Month, we here at Rethink the Drink are bringing you a series of articles related to the devastating consequences of alcohol abuse in both minors and adults, hope for recovery, and ways in which you can be an example of sobriety and moderation to your community. The first article in this series is going to cover addiction. How does an alcohol addiction form? Before we get into that, however, it would probably be helpful to define “addiction”:

“Addiction is defined as the habitual compulsion to engage in a certain activity or utilize a substance, despite the potentially devastating consequences on the individual’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial well-being.” (Treatment4Addiction)

Addictions can be formed with nearly any substance (and even some activities) because of the gratification the addicted person feels when using or experiencing the object of their addiction. With alcohol, addiction usually occurs for several reasons:

>> Drinkers enjoy the sensation of feeling “high”, heavily relaxed, or less stressed

>> Drinkers feel alcohol gives them a refuge from the stresses of living and a comfort in the midst of trouble

>> “Physical dependence occurs when an individual’s body develops a dependence on a certain substance and experiences withdrawal symptoms upon discontinuing the consumption.” (Treatment4Addiction)

Consequences from living a life of addiction can be devastating and even lead to death. Some of the most common consequences of alcohol addiction include:

>> Alcohol poisoning

>> Pancreatic and liver diseases

>> Heart disease

>> Dementia

>> Fatal overdose (often due to extreme alcohol poisoning)

>> Financial distress due to loss of employment or overspending on alcohol

>> Isolation from friends and family

>> Legal trouble due to DUI or alcohol-related accidents and incidents

Alcohol addiction is a serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately. If you or someone you know suffers from alcohol addiction, seek help immediately. There are a variety of recovery resources available to you in your local community and online. Here are some resources for alcohol addiction:


>> Types of Alcohol Addiction

>> Alcohol and Drug Addiction FAQs

Stay with us during Alcohol Awareness Month! Our next article will go into greater detail about the dangers of Alcohol Poisoning.

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