Hey, Adults! Don’t Buy Alcohol for Minors!


I always cringe when I hear a story about parents or other adults buying alcohol for minors. Really? REALLY? Stories like this are enough to make you shake your head and scowl. There were some very poignant quotes in this article that hit at the heart of adults buying alcohol for underage people:

“You might get them started on the road to alcoholism,” said Clovis police Sgt. Brett Hershberger. “You’re furnishing them alcohol. They could get drunk and then end up getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and killing somebody, and we don’t want that; that’s what we want to prevent.” (source)

That is exactly the problem. Many adults buy alcohol for minors thinking that the law is “stupid” or “too harsh”, but they rarely think of the consequences of their actions. By purchasing alcohol for a teen, you could be indirectly causing a future addiction or the death of someone. Think about that the next time a teenager outside a package store asks you to buy beer for them. For more thoughts about adult responsibility when it comes to preventing underage alcohol abuse, check out our Pinteres boards [FOR PARENTS] and [ADULT RESPONSIBILITY].

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