Dangers of Alcohol // withdrawal symptoms

Getting sober is one of the best possible decision you could make when it comes to your health. However, most people don’t consider the withdrawal symptoms when they begin their journey to sobriety. The best plan is not to begin using alcohol and other drugs in the first place. If you find yourself hooked and desperate for freedom from your addictions, don’t be afraid to see professional help. Withdrawal is a scary and often difficult. The more you drink, the worse your withdrawal symptoms are likely to be.


Compiled from WebMD // About.com // MedlinePlus

>> Anxiety

>> Depression

>> Fatigue

>> Irritability

>> Jumpiness

>> Mood swings

>> Nightmares

>> Not thinking clearly

>> Sweating

>> Headache

>> Insomnia

>> Nausea / Vomiting

I encourage you to check out each of the above articles for more information about severe withdrawal symptoms. Those listed above are the “best case” withdrawal scenarios. Withdrawal can be much worse and can even lead to blackouts, convulsions, hallucinations, and more. Protect yourself from this scenario by rethinking the drink!

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