Making a New Year’s Resolution to Abstain from Alcohol? Here are Some Great Resources to Help!

It’s that time of year again. 2014 has rolled around and our journals, phones, and computers are full of resolutions and goals for the upcoming year. Almost everyone has an idea of how they’d like to better themselves in the coming months. If you, like many others, are committing to abstain from alcohol (whether you’re a minor or an adult) in 2014 and beyond, we at Rethink the Drink salute and support you! It can be tough to make that sort of resolution alone, so we encourage you to find accountability partners among your peers to help you stay sober and avoid the misuse of alcohol! As well, here are some great resources to help you stay committed to your goal:

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>> Positive Effects of Quitting Alcohol

>> How to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Good luck with all of your New Year’s goals and resolutions! We truly hope that you will make rethinking the drink one of them! Want to connect with Rethink the Drink? Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and our CPMA Website! “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Pinterest to show your pledge to rethink the drink!