Hard Stories: 35 Year Old Woman Faces Death Due to Alcohol Abuse

Stories like this one just make you so, so sad. Beverly Pickorer is just 35 years old, but images of her in this article will make you believe otherwise. She became an alcoholic in her twenties and went on to consume a highly toxic amount of alcohol each day in the following years. Her condition is dire. Her healthy body has become frail and diseased. She is cared for in a nursing home that is populated by the elderly. This is just another example of how disastrous an alcohol addiction can be. I hope you will go on to read the article in its entirety and truly let it resonate with you. Alcohol abuse is not glamorous, “fun”, or exciting. Its effect on the human body is completely unfortunate. Don’t become another Beverly Pickorer. Rethink the drink and make a commitment to keep your body in good health.

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