Surround Yourself With People Who Make You A Better Person

I was meandering around Pinterest today when I discovered this wise quote. Surround yourself with people who make you a better person. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” I thought to myself. If more people (teenagers, kids, and adults alike) followed this rule, I firmly believe more wise choices would be made and less destructive decisions.

Take a look at your friends. Are they people who challenge you to live a better life? Do they help you make wise decisions? Are they kind, caring, and constructive when you make mistakes? Do they belittle you in front of others or constantly ride you about your quirks? Spend some time contemplating their character and ask yourself the following questions to help you discern whether or not they are helping you to achieve your goals and to honor your values//commitments, or if they are dragging you down beneath your potential.

>> Does _______ try to live his/her life with integrity and character?

>> Does _______ repeatedly engage in bad behavior such as drinking, skipping class, other drug-use, or disrespecting their elders and peers?

>> Does _______ support your commitment to avoid drinking or to stop destructive behavior?

>> Does _______ learn from his/her mistakes or do they continually persist in bad decisions?

>> Does _______ help you to discover your potential?

>> Do you have fun with _________?

This is, of course, not an exhaustive list, but they should get you started. If you find that you have friends who are not helping you to grow as a person, or who are not good for you to associate with, it can be difficult to “break up”. However, it may be best for your future and it might show them that their behavior isn’t beneficial to themselves or others. I hope you’ll really take some time to consider these questions and to take a long, hard look at your friendships to see if there are any that need to end. Associate with those who support you and who help you to grow.

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