Holidays Bring out the Best and the Worst in Us

Holidays can be the most exciting times of the year and the most stressful. That is one of the reasons why drinking and drug abuse are more prevalent during these times of year. Because holidays often involve large social gatherings and gift giving, people tend to feel stressed and pressured. Money can be tight. Family get-togethers may be strained and filled with their own dysfunction. Incidents of drinking and driving sky rocket around the holidays and people who don’t normally consume alcohol enjoy holiday mixers and more liquor than usual.

Here are some excellent resources to consider when it comes to the dangers of holiday drinking:

>> Alcohol Dependency and Abuse Throughout the Holidays

>> Holiday Alcohol Abuse

>> Addiction and the Holidays

Share these with your loved ones, friends, and anyone else who may need to be reminded of the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse during the holidays!

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