Alcohol Can Cause Unwanted Weight Gain

If there are any minors out there looking for one more reason to avoid alcohol completely, hopefully this one will play into your sense of self-esteem. For adults who can legally imbibe, hopefully you will reconsider the excessive holiday partying. Alcohol has been shown to cause weight gain due to the fact that the body often treats alcohol as a fat, along with several other factors. Consuming alcoholic drinks means consuming unnecessary calories that your body doesn’t need for optimum health. Here are a few more tidbits to to keep in mind when it comes to alcohol and weight gain:

>> Alcohol stimulates appetite

>> Alcohol alters normal digestion

>> Alcohol slows the metabolism

>> Increased alcohol consumption and holiday eating habits can increase the risk of unwanted weight gain

>> Mixed drinks carry even more calories and since mixed drinks are popular during the holidays, people might consume more than normal.

>> Alcohol consumption can sabotage your weight loss goals.

Sources: Alcohol and Weight Gain // Holiday Weight Gain from Alcohol // How Alcohol Causes Weight Gain

So, for adults looking to have a trim waistline or for teens looking for one more reason to avoid consuming alcohol as a minor, keep these facts in mind and make wise choices!

Have a happy, healthy, holiday season!

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