Energy Drinks Plus Alcohol? BAD IDEA

I stumbled across this article this morning discussing the dangers of combining energy drinks and alcohol. The article discusses a study conducted by Megan Patrick of the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research and Jennifer Maggs of Penn State University. Some of their findings included:

–“…the use of energy drinks and alcohol together may lead to heavier drinking and more serious alcohol-related problems…” (Source)

It is already widely known that energy drinks by themselves pose serious health concerns such as increasing the heart’s contraction rates (source). Energy drinks can also cause insomnia, and increased risk of becoming addicted to other substances due to compulsive caffeine intake (source). Pair this with the averse affects of alcohol and you have a potentially disastrous cocktail.

So next time you’re looking for a good time, avoid energy drinks, alcohol, and CERTAINLY energy drinks + alcohol together. Make wise choices for your health and rethink the drink! Choose better options like water, tea, fruit juice, or even soda. There are plenty of ways to cut loose and have fun without compromising your health.

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