Teen Drinking Can Lead to Brain Damage

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Damage to the brain of a teenage drinker from NPR’s article.

I know we’ve spoken about brain damage associated with teen drinking before on the blog, but the message needs to be reiterated. Articles are still regularly published about the risks to the brains of those who drink before pivotal neurological processes have matured. Take this one from NPR, published in 2010:

“…key areas of the brain are still under construction during the adolescent years, and are more sensitive to the toxic effects of drugs and alcohol…” (Source Article)

Because teenagers’ brains are still developing, when they engage in underage drinking behaviors, this can cause averse effects to the developing organ. Why risk putting possibly permanent damage onto such an important part of your body? Be strong and choose to avoid alcohol during your underage years. Don’t risk harm to your unique and growing mind!!

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