Use Our Pinterest Boards to Plan an Alcohol-Free Halloween Party!

Wanting to host a safe party at your house this Halloween? Our Rethink the Drink Pinterest Page has ample resources to help you pick the perfect alcohol-free drink recipes, food ideas, and decorations! Here’s a party idea we put together for you:

1. Start with a theme: The Great Pumpkin Party

Everyone loves the classic Charlie Brown book/movie It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Use that fun childhood favorite to create your party theme. For more fun party theme ideas, check out our [PARTY IDEAS] board.

2. Plan the Food:

Gather your friends to make sugar cookies and frost them in various “Great Pumpkin” themed looks. Use your imagination to create enchanting finger-foods, desserts, and delicious nibbles. For more party snack ideas, check out our [PARTY SNACKS] board!

3. Plan the Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Pumpkin Smoothie, anyone?

Seriously, what could be more refreshing and delicious than a Pumpkin Smoothie sans the alcohol? YUM! For more alcohol-free drink ideas, check out our [ALCOHOL-FREE DRINKS] board.

4. Plan your Entertainment: Watch the movie!

You can’t have a Great Pumpkin party without watching the old beloved classic film, now can you? Grab that DVD, some blankets and pillows, and enjoy a fun movie with your guests!

What sort of party could you throw together from our Pinterest boards? We’d love to see your ideas! Have a happy, safe, fun Halloween!

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