Safe Choices During Homecoming Season

Many schools celebrated their Homecoming games and dances this past weekend. Some schools will have their Homecomings in the weeks ahead. Whenever your Homecoming celebration is, I truly hope that you’ll pledge to make wise choices–particularly when it comes to alcohol and other drugs. It is not necessary to drink in order to have a fun Homecoming night! Instead of giving into peer pressure to participate in unsafe activities, make the choice to have safe, drug-free fun with your friends!


1. Participate in the school sponsored activities (i.e. the football games, dances, and parades) where there will be adult chaperones

2. Let your parents know where you are and who you are with throughout the entire evening so they can be sure you are safe

3. Refuse to get into the cars of friends who have been drinking

4. Stay away from peer parties where you know alcohol will be served

5. Be confident in your decision to refrain from drinking and taking other drugs. You are making a wise choice that will protect yourself and others!!

For those of you who have already had your homecoming, I hope that you made good choices and made the decision to be a good role model to your friends.

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