It is NEVER Okay to Host Underage Drinking Parties

“I’d rather them do it under my roof where I can make sure they’re safe than out at some party without supervision.”

How many parents have uttered these very words or similar sentiments? Many parents mistakenly think that if they host underage drinking parties in their homes that everyone will somehow be safer and better off. How quickly parents forget that not only is alcohol dangerous for teen bodies and brains, but there are far too many variables to control at such a party. What if a teen wandered off and drove away while intoxicated? What if inappropriate sexual conduct happened in one of the home’s many unsupervised bedrooms? There are too many “What ifs” in situations like this and the health cost (not to mention illegality) are too much to ignore.

Take the case of this women to heart when considering hosting underage drinking parties in your home. Don’t be like that!!!


Instead of Underage Drinking Parties, Host Fun, Safe, Drug-Free Parties for Your Teens!

1. Have a “Make Your Own Drink” station with fun juices, sodas, and flavored sorbets so that your teens feel they are making fun, special drinks without the booze.

2. Host a game night in your home for kids to bring their consoles and have a blast battling it out on the latest co-op game! Provide fun snacks, sodas, and space!

3. Encourage your teen and their friends to spend time together talking, socializing, and having fun in healthy ways rather than resorting to drinking parties to plugin to their school and friend groups.

4. Keep all alcohol you might have in your home locked up and hidden so that curious teens will not find it and experiment. Keep the key or combination with you at all times.

5. Be up-front about your strict, “NO DRINKING” policy when hosting teens in your home.

Of you’re looking for more ideas for fun, drug-free parties, check out our Pinterest Boards!

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