Social Drinking Isn’t the Only Way Teens Abuse Alcohol

Many teens abuse alcohol for social reasons. They’ve got peer pressure to contend with. It’s seen as “something fun to do”. What many teens don’t know (and tragically some do), drinking alone can be an even bigger problem. Teens who drink alone usually do so because they are depressed or unhappy with their lives and social situations. As many people soon find out, drinking divorced from social situations can quickly become anything but fun. While alcohol may take the edge off of turbulent emotions, teens who drink alone usually consume more than they would in social situations over time. This can cause severe averse effects in the body and can further isolate those teens from their peers.

According to this ABC News Article, solitary drug users can have devastating effects on their futures:

Moreover, solitary smokers and drinkers were also less likely to graduate from college and more likely to engage in violent behavior, according to the study.

If you are a parent or teen who has loved ones who drink alone, urge them to seek help from local substance abuse counselors, organizations, or their doctors.  If YOU are a teen who drinks alone, find someone you implicitly trust and ask for their help. Remember, you don’t have to fall victim to drug and alcohol addiction! Make wise choices!

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