Alaska to Champion Study into the Financial and Human Cost of Alcohol Abuse

Statewide Alaska newspaper, The Anchorage Daily News, will be financially aiding researchers and reporters in a year-long quest to discover the real financial and human costs of alcohol abuse in the state of Alaska.

What is putting such focus on Alaskan alcohol abuse? Here’s a direct quote from this source article:

Why focus on alcohol in the country’s forty-ninth state? “Alaska’s alcohol addiction fuels some of the country’s highest rates of incarceration, homelessness, suicide, rape, accidental death, domestic violence, and child abuse and neglect,” the release states. And Alaskans, when polled in 2012 about what is the top health issue in the state, “ranked use and abuse of alcohol as number one.” Cassandra Stalzer at Rasmuson told me the alcohol abuse problem affects all populations in the state.

This state’s commitment to discovering ways to decrease rates of alcohol abuse is commendable! Each state would do well to continue their efforts to do the same.


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