How to Help Your Teen Resist the Temptation to Abuse Alcohol in High School

Every parent hopes to guide their children towards wise choices. How can you do that when the temptation to engage in unsafe behavior is higher than ever? Teens are abusing alcohol and other drugs at an alarming rate in their high school years. What are some concrete things you can do to help your teen resist the temptation? Here are some ideas:

>> Help your teen practice resistance conversations. Help them define their own personal reasons for wanting to avoid alcohol and drugs and help them practice reciting their reasons with confidence and firm voices. Here is an excellent lesson PDF with guidelines and examples to help you and your teen.

>> Encourage your teen to enroll in positive extra curricular activities that can help them to be involved in healthy social situations and to develop meaningful friendships. Ideas include martial arts, bible study groups, youth groups, leadership programs and opportunities, or other sports.

>> Encourage your teen to spend time with quality friends doing innocuous activities like talking, gaming, hiking, or volunteering.

>> Keep dialogue about your teen’s activities open and supportive.

What are some of the ways you encourage and help your teen to resist the temptation to abuse alcohol and other drugs? Share the techniques that have worked well for you and your family.

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