Freshman 15…Could Alcohol be the Culprit?

For those of you who will be trotting off to college in a few weeks, you’ve probably heard of the dreaded Freshman 15. Oh, you haven’t? Well, the Freshman 15 is a euphemism for the weight that many college freshman gain in their early months of study. Some of this can probably be associated with extra freedom in the realm of food-choices. Some of it can be attributed to the fact that many college students aren’t very financially stable and thus fill their (small) pantries with processed, inexpensive foods. But a major factor is alcohol consumption.

Here are some interesting tidbits about alcohol and gaining that Freshman 15!

>> Beer is usually the major contributor to the weight gain because of its empty calories, and typically has less alcohol by volume. // Source

>> Alcoholic drinks tend to be high in calories. Additionally, alcohol can deteriorate muscle tissue, which lowers your overall metabolism. So, in case you needed them, now you have more reasons to stay away from binge drinking. // Source

>> Due to the body absorbing alcohol quickly, people can also gain an appetite while drinking. Whether at a party or only having fast food available, students often turn to fatty and greasy food while drinking alcohol. // Source

In addition to the fact that most college freshman have no business drinking (considering it is illegal for those under 21), alcohol abuse in the early years of college (and beyond) can result in major health deterioration on top of the “Freshman 15”. Make wise choices. YOU are strong enough to resist temptation. There are so many other fun activities to choose from in college rather than drinking.

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