Alcohol and Drug Abuse Claims Another Bright Star

I’m sure all of you have heard of the tragic, premature death of Cory Monteith (one of the main stars of Fox’s hit show Glee). You also probably know that the cause of death was a lethal combination of heroine and alcohol. Cory had struggled with his addiction for many years, having been treated several times for his substance abuse in the past. It is so sad to hear of this young man’s demise. He had such a talent and such a way of reaching people through acting.

I cannot say what drove Monteith to substance abuse. What drives anyone to drugs and alcohol? Is it the fun? Is it to wash away decades of pain? Whatever the reason, IT IS NOT THE ANSWER. It is my wish that Cory’s death will prompt any young people who are struggling with addiction to seek help NOW.

SAMHSA: Find Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment

Georgia Council on Substance Abuse: Recovery Resources

Georgia Drug Abuse Treatment Programs

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