Tuesday Theme Talk: Death Resulting from Alcohol Abuse

On Tuesdays, I’ll try to linkup great blogs, articles, and resources that can be of help to you in your quest for the prevention of underage and all-age alcohol abuse. Each week will have a theme. This week, the theme is Death Resulting from Alcohol Abuse. Tuesday Theme Talk will be referred to as TTT throughout the rest of the post. 🙂

TTT’s Website of the Week: MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)

MADD is a great resource for anyone looking to get involved with prevention actions against alcohol abuse and for those looking for sobering stories about the realities of the consequences of alcohol abuse.

TTT’s Article with the Most Impact: ‘Death by Alcohol’ Warns of College Binge Drinking Risks

This is the sad story of Sam Spady who, at 19, died from binge drinking while at a fraternity party.

TTT’s Show Me the Numbers: Teen Alcohol Related Death Statistics

How crazy is it that in the U.S., every45 minutes, someone dies in an alcohol-related accident? That has GOT to stop!

TTT’s Something to Think About Article: Most Teen Drinking Deaths Aren’t Traffic Related

In addition to traffic deaths, teen alcohol-related deaths also include homicide, suicide, alcohol poisoning, and other causes.

I hope you’ll really read and absorb these words and take these websites and articles to heart. Teenage alcohol-related death is completely avoidable. Help to make it history!!



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