Is the CPMA against drinking alcohol?

As a coalition, we are not against alcohol! If you are 21 or older and choose to drink, that’s no problem. We simply ask that you be responsible and to consider how your behavior impacts NOT ONLY YOU but those lives AROUND you. Did you know that more YOUTH in the United States drink alcohol than smoke tobacco or marijuana, making it the drug MOST USED by American young people.

The average age at which young people ages 12-17 begin to drink is 13 years old. Here in Bartow County, it’s closer to 12 years old!

So, are we against alcohol? Absolutley NOT. However, we are opposed to anyone under 21 years of age drinking . . . it’s against the law. So, if you are considering whether or not to allow your child to drink alcohol (including beer), then we would simply ask you to “Rethink the Drink” this holiday season and make a better decision!


Jahidi Solomon Chosen as 1st Runner Up

Bartow-Youth-Action-team-loYouth Action Team member, Jahidi Solomon, was selected as the first runner up in the Miss Teenage Bartow County Pageant held at Excel Christian Academy. Ambria King won the 2012 title. The pageant, which is sponsored by the Afro American Social Civic Association, culminated after a week of activities that included a parade through Cartersville.